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Presidential polls after debate

Much-anticipated first presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama on Friday, September 26th, appears to have helped Obama slightly widen a lead over his Republican opponent by 4-5 points according to by voter polls conducted by news sources, with 49% voter support compared to 44% voter support for McCain. Of course, the selection of sources for this kind of market research is really critical in being able to truly justify that the lead by 4-5% is indeed correct. In another poll conducted on Minekey, a place for discussions on varied topics including politics, 92% of users agreed that Obama is leading the preliminary discussions. The general opinion of the public was that it was a “A draw. McCain couldn’t look Obama in the eye; Obama stumbled for words a few times. No real killer shots. No real weaknesses exposed.”

To get a pulse of what people are discussing about the Presidential debate, click here to check out some opinions submitted by people globally, or if you are curious about what the world is thinking about the US presidential elections, check some more interesting opinions here. Given the statistics of the opinions favoring Obama, if elections were held on Minekey then Obama would win by a landslide victory!