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An opinion about Britney Spears reached #1 spot?? Are you fucking kidding me???

Let me give some context to this title – I recently posted an opinion on Britney Spears on Minekey, a place where you can write opinions on just about anything. My opinion was “Britney is getting back to normal life finally. Good for her!!”, and within a few hours this opinion bubbled up right to the top, amongst the most voted opinion of the last 24 hrs, with 750 votes and 20 comments. While my intention was genuine in stating this opinion, the fact that it bubbled to the top dismayed some users. One annoyed user penned down an exasperated opinion “An opinion about Britney fucking Spears reached the number 1 spot?? Are you fucking kidding me???”, protesting against the fact that my banal opinion got voted on by so many users and how sick she was of celebrity news. For a moment I was surprised.

It might be not surprising to see celebrity related gossip/blogs reach a top spot or viewership over sites like Sugar.com or Yahoo! Shine or sites focused on celebrity/fashion etc., but on some other online communities and forums if a celebrity news bubbles to the top, it may annoy or dismay some users.

I wondered why so? Are we really too obsessed with celebrity news?