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Do women think more than they need to?

Let me ask all women who are reading this blog at this very moment – how many times has it been that you just assumed something based on your friend ‘s or partner’s or sibling’s unspoken actions? Or how many times have you taken someone’s spoken words and exploded it beyond what it was really meant for? And you were completely wrong because in the end it turned out to be creation of your own imagination!! Perhaps if you had bothered to ask some questions and clarify, you would have saved a lot of brain activity cycles and a lot of heart ache. This has happened between me and my partner so many times and eventually it turns out that my partner is usually clueless to all the pain/mental agony I am going through, whereas he is totally chilled and sees no issues. Perhaps we women do indeed think more than we need to.

Recently on the opinion boards of a thriving opinion community site, Minekey, there was an opinion by one of the top opinion contributers that said “Women are far superior at reading body language.. Women Tend Read, Men Tend Act and Question.” When I peeked into the stats, about 83% of all women agreed, whereas only 63% of men agreed with this opinion. Which meant that women certainly think they are good at reading minds (which is why it might lead them to assume things even if they are not meant to be).

Interesting, isn’t it? Do you think this is in the genes of female species? Do you think we will ever change?


Should women marry for financial security?

So gold diggers may not end up “happily ever after…” or so it seems like based on the opinion I recently posted here about women who marry for financial security. About 80% of 17,000 people agreed with it within a period of 24 hrs, and yet another 1800 comments made by various people had something to support the opinion.

I remember getting pissed off when one of my friends remarked I had a good catch when she heard that I had a first date with a guy that had a nice executive level job with tons of stock at one of the technology companies. I argued that money does not matter when it comes to marriage partner, to which she just simply told me that I was being very naive. Naive or not, yrs later I am glad I picked someone who I love and have a great chemistry with. I don’t care if we don’t own a big home or drive expensive cars. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to not have someone like him in my life. To those who are think money can make them happy, I wish good luck, but the truth is it really doesn’t.