Do you support giving birth to child with Down’s syndrome? 80% of all women and 50% of men do.

I have never been one of those women who thought life without child is incomplete, but lately I have been having second thoughts. I certainly love children, and have three nephews and nieces with whom I get along so well that I am the coolest aunt for them. But by now, almost all my friends have had their first child. It is likely that by the time I settle down with a life partner, I will be creeping close to ceiling age limits for having a child. My biggest fear then would be what if the docs fail to detect issues in pregnancy that could possibly lead to a child with genetic issues? Now I know that life can serve you many things… including becoming disabled later in life even if you are born healthy… I am ok dealing with that, but I am just not ok dealing with knowingly bringing out someone who may not have a complete life.

But my strong opinion here were shaken a little bit recently to the point of almost. I recently posted this opinion on Minekey, a place for you to post your opinions and instant feedback from the community (controversial opinion certainly get more limelight!). My opinion was “I do not support giving birth to a child with Down’s Syndrome. He/she will never have a normal independent life anyway.” I got 450 votes and 38% disagreed with it with some very strong comments here… many people who commented on this board had indeed worked with children with Down’s Syndrome and spoke form experience – and talked about how much potential these children have.

But what’s more interesting was the divide between men and women on this topic. Almost 80% of all women who voted on this opinion had disagreed, but surprisingly only 50% of men had agreed… hmmmmm. Now that was very interesting stats for me. So men and women do indeed think differently on Pro-Life subjects??? If you would like to have a look at the how men and women voted, you can click here.

I am certainly reconsidering my opinion. Based on so many other people’s feedback and stories I think it was an eye opener for me about how much of a normal life some of the children’s with genetic issues can lead. I also think that life is not black or white. Perhaps without being pregnant myself, I cannot speak aloud about what actions I might take if caught in same situation.


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