Should women marry for financial security?

So gold diggers may not end up “happily ever after…” or so it seems like based on the opinion I recently posted here about women who marry for financial security. About 80% of 17,000 people agreed with it within a period of 24 hrs, and yet another 1800 comments made by various people had something to support the opinion.

I remember getting pissed off when one of my friends remarked I had a good catch when she heard that I had a first date with a guy that had a nice executive level job with tons of stock at one of the technology companies. I argued that money does not matter when it comes to marriage partner, to which she just simply told me that I was being very naive. Naive or not, yrs later I am glad I picked someone who I love and have a great chemistry with. I don’t care if we don’t own a big home or drive expensive cars. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to not have someone like him in my life. To those who are think money can make them happy, I wish good luck, but the truth is it really doesn’t.


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